Lost at 24

You would think that by now– at 24, I would have my shit together right? By now, I should be close to getting my BSN, I should be starting a real career, and I should have some steady income by now and heck, buy a house or even get married! That’s where you’re wrong. When I was 16, I had made this little list of things I had hoped to achieve within the next couple of years one of which included being a Registered Nurse, live in a single story home somewhere in Sacramento, maybe possibly get married but if I did– it would be around 25-26. Point of the matter is, I had told myself at 16, that I was going to accomplish all of these things by 24 or 25. Yet here I am, at 24 still at school, still in process of obtaining my BSN, nowhere close to getting a house, and far from getting married and having a family no less. They say your 20’s are your trying times. It’s a time for you to try new things, to try and discover what it is you want to do for yourself and with yourself, it’s a time for you to try and get out of your comfort zone.  A while back, I was never one to believe in the instances that we could actually get “lost” in our 20’s, I felt like I had made a plan and I was going to accomplish it no matter what it took. I felt like if I went through with everything and focused hard enough, I would reach it by the deadline I had set myself. I’m not saying this happens to everyone, but it happens to a good batch of people. We have these moments in our lives where we question what we’re really doing is right for us or not. We question whether we’re doing this for ourselves or are we just doing it to satisfy the people in our lives. I was stuck in that rut for about a good year and a half, and IT. TOTALLY. SUCKED. All it took was a year and a half of me taking a break from school, working a  typical retail job for a majority of my time to discover– “I need to do something with my life.. What am I going to do?” It was then, I used up all of my free time doing extensive research on majors that seemed like a fit for me in comparison to majors that had fit my financial needs. Let me tell you, it was hard. It was hard because there were all of these things that  I had wanted to do with my life, that it could seem like I would enjoy doing it but then it was counteracted because it didn’t fit MY financial needs. This is the point in your life where you’re going to question whether you’re doing the right thing for yourself or not. Are you going to be happy? Will it make you happy financially? Will it make you happy emotionally? Can you achieve both? Point of the matter is, although it may seem like we’re not where we need to be– it’s okay. That’s life. There’s always the twists and turns, the little minor potholes, but as long as it doesn’t stop you from reaching your destination then there really isn’t anything to worry about. The point of reaching the destination is not just the destination itself, but the journey in between. There’s always going to be those little messages we fail to see and realize if all we do is just zoom through life to get to where we need to be because we have to and we must. Overall, there really is no time limit or time frame where we have to achieve our goals in life. As long as we’re trying to an extent that’s all that matters.


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